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Ecological company organized online "March 8" Women's Day series activities

Source: Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group ecological Company 时间:2020-03-09 15:24 Number of readings:

         Recently, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, in order to implement prevention and control measures such as non-gathering and non-contact, and effectively ensure the safety of employees, ecological company organized a series of activities to celebrate March 8 Women's Day through the online financial media platform。

    First, warm heart to send blessing activities


This year's Women's Day will be different from the past。The cold streets are less bustling and bustling. In the face of the still severe epidemic prevention and control situation, the ecological company sends warm wishes to all female workers by ordering exquisite small gifts online, making warm greeting cards, and sending them by offline express delivery without personal contact。



           Second, "Book 38" reading activities


According to the female vocational committee of the provincial Energy Chemical Geology Union, the theme of essay collection activities of "Based on the position to fight against the epidemic" will continue to carry out the "Book 38" reading activity this year,Implement the relevant requirements of the group company's trade union,Eco-company unions responded positively,Calling on all female workers to "fight the epidemic based on their positions.,Take positive actions and practice me",Meet the actual work and self-protection,We will work hard to ensure safety and resume production,Insist on holding both hands,A two-handed strategy,Through the company's financial media platform (Dingding, wechat, QQ, etc.),Online submission is adopted,Contribute actively。
Third, female workers rights Protection Action Month activities




To implement the activities of the Women Workers' Rights Protection Action Month in 2020,The company's labor union organizes online learning of rights protection knowledge through multiple channels of financial media platforms (Dingding, wechat, QQ, etc.),Disseminate the publicity of law popularization to the subordinate units,In-depth learning to promote workplace gender equality content into collective bargaining mechanisms,Further strengthen the labor protection awareness of female workers,Promote gender equality in the workplace。At the same time, relying on its own network platform, it shares the title of the Knowledge Competition on Gender Equality and Protection of the Rights and interests of female Employees, and actively organizes all female employees to learn online knowledge on the legal rights and special interests of female employees。(Gu Xiangyang)