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Eco company trade union carried out the group's fifth staff badminton competition qualifier

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-04-04 09:57 Number of readings:


      In order to fully prepare for the fifth staff badminton competition of the group, enrich the spare time life of employees, and create a civilized, harmonious and happy atmosphere of unity, on March 29, the ecological company held a wonderful badminton competition of "Feather" with you and "Feather"。

      This competition has two events of men's singles and women's singles, and adopts the way of elimination。Before the game, the players warmed up actively and were eager to try。With the official start of the competition, everyone is enthusiastic and quickly into the state。

      During the match, the players waved their rackets, burst into energy, jumped in the air in front of the net, hit accurately, poured sweat and showed their style。They follow the principle of "friendship first, competition second", take every minute seriously on the court, give full play to their skills, constantly compete for the advantages of the court, and show a positive spirit with vigorous posture, and jointly write a passionate and exciting badminton song。

      This badminton competition selected 4 men and women players,It fully demonstrates the vigorous and striving spirit of the employees of the ecological company,Effectively relieve the work pressure,Encourage everyone to be more enthusiastic and healthy state into the future work,Make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the company in their respective positions。(Dai Ge Zheng)