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Environmental acceptance survey report of 18×108m3/a capacity construction project completed in Gaoqiao area of Jingbian Gas Field

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2020-12-04 16:45 Number of readings:

       The Gaoqiao area of Jingbian Gas field is located in Ansai County, Zhidan County and Baota District, Yan 'an City, Shaanxi Province, with a development area of 2263.62km2 is a new project。Since 2012, it has gradually started rolling development and construction, and by the end of 2019, 369 Wells have been completed and put into operation, with a production capacity of 18×108 m³/a。15 gas collection stations have been built (among which Gao-7 stations are divided into stations A and B), and 12 gas collection branch lines total 163.74km。Actual production capacity by the end of 2019 is 6.51×108 m³/a。

       The supporting projects of this project include the fourth natural gas purification plant and the South Five and South Six main lines, Gaoqiao produced water treatment station, Ansai operation area, Baoan operation area and Hezhuangping project team, all of which have been completed。Up to now, all the stations, well sites and gas collection lines of the project have carried out single-station environmental protection acceptance and have obtained acceptance approval documents。
       The investigation report on the environmental protection completion of the project is now publicized, and the publicity period is 20 working days。正文 附件1 附件2